by Dan Brown

I can't help admitting that I don't find this book as classic as

"The Da Vinci Code", for I totally forgot having read this volume before

when I picked it up last week!! I guess that happens when one doesn't

think the book good enough for remembering?

"Digital Fortress" is up to a degree similar to the famous "The Da

Vinci Code", with a plot far simpler and a code far easier to decipher.

The complicated relationships interweaving the story aren't stressed

enough and therefore I can't feel the weight of it on the heart of all

the characters. In fact, it seems to me that the arrangement of someone

being other's father/ lover/ admirer is totally unecessary, or seems artificial.

In short, this novel is sure to be interesting, but in all it lacks

depth. But still, one can take a look at "Digital Fortress" to discern

how lots of progress Dan Brown has made.

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