I’m now sitting in one meeting room, with 10 colleagues and 1 customer, having a conference regarding a topic that is totally irrelevant to me. This meeting starts from 9:00AM, and will not end till later this afternoon. Besides the meeting, I also have to attend lunch & dinner & drink with the customer.


 “A meeting irrelevant to me” means that I need to be present, but don’t have to pay any attention to what is going on around me. The only reason why my boss and I are here is that we want to show our customer that we value this meeting very much, and that he is being well taken care of.


Well, I’m accustomed to this already, but sometimes I can’t help wonder: What is the point of assigning 11 people to a task that actually needs only 2? Well, if I can get free access to the internet, it’s no big deal. But the thing is, usually there’s very limited internet resource in a meeting room, and thus most of the time I can just sit in front of my internetless laptop and pretend that I’m busy with some business—which, is very, very boring and meaningless (like what I’m doing RIGHT NOW!!)

Shit happens, but it’s even sadder when you cannot avoid the shit.

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